2024 Cathedral Illuminations


Sound and light show

From July 5 to September 8, 2024

Music available simultaneously on the GOH app

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Strasbourg Cathedral’s 2024 summer show brings together Les Ensembles 2.2 (sound design) and Daniel Knipper (lighting design).

From July 5 to September 8, 2024, the western façade (Rosace side) of Strasbourg Cathedral will be illuminated every evening from 9pm, accompanied by a musical composition by Gaëtan Gromer and Antoine Spindler.

For greater listening comfort, the music is also available simultaneously on the GOH application throughout the illumination period!

To enjoy this experience, get on site, open the app and start the music by pressing “GOH”!


Lights: Daniel Knipper

Music: Gaëtan Gromer et Antoine Spindler

Accordion: Fabrice Kieffer

Production (sound): Les Ensembles 2.2

Technique: XEOS

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Hacking Garden


Music for a concert at the centre of a sound spatialisation device for eight loudspeakers and a temporary garden scenography with monumental mapping on the façade of the Strasbourg Opera.

First performance at the Opéra National du Rhin in Strasbourg, on 25 and 27 September 2018, as part of the Musica festival and in partnership with Ososphère.

Four original compositions mixed with those of Antoine Spindler and Christophe Fourmaux.

photos © Klara Beck, Philippe Groslier, Adrien Fuchs


Viola: Antoine Spindler

Saxophone: Christophe Fourmaux

Beat making: GSTN

Sound design: Gaëtan Gromer

Videos: Julie-Anne Weber

Scenography: Philippe Arlaud

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Sound and light show

From 25 July to 20 September 2020


Creations – Soundwalks

The Strasbourg Cathedral’s 2020 summer show brought together Les Ensembles 2.2 (sound design), Lnlo (video mapping) and Daniel Knipper (lighting design) for a production of the BigFamily Event. 

As far as we know, this was the first and only time the show featured electroacoustic music.

The sound creation designed by Gaëtan Gromer and Antoine Spindler used all the techniques and possibilities offered by electroacoustic music, evoking Beethoven’s works on the 250th anniversary of his birth, as well as the concrete sounds of the city of Strasbourg.

In parallel, soundwalks were available in the GOH mobile app and accessible at any time. Above all, it was an invitation to stroll around, to take one’s time, to (re)discover the city and to recharge one’s batteries. There were three different types of trail available:

  • A discovery trail to uncover places to relax in Strasbourg while listening to selected works by Beethoven
  • A fun trail, an ‘audio treasure hunt’ featuring sound puzzles
  • A trail continuing the show’s musical and luminous experience


Organizers : BigFamily Event, Ville et Eurométropole de Strasbourg

Music : Gaëtan Gromer et Antoine Spindler

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Ga Bu Zo Meu, The Shadoks Reloaded


The Shadoks Reloaded, a new hope

Collective show as a tribute to the Shadoks for their 50th anniversary. For a narrator, a live illustrator and two musicians. The music, co-written with Antoine Spindler, features several nods to the electroacoustic music of Robert Cohen-Solal.

First performance at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg, on 29 April 2018, hosted by the Shadok and the Tomi Ungerer Museum..


Actor : Arthur Gander

Illustrator : Stéphane Perger

Electroacoustics : Gaëtan Gromer et Antoine Spindler

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