We have developed a strong expertise in the field of sound. Our field of expertise covers the classic techniques of sound creation, sound recording, mixing and mastering, along with more specific and technical fields such as geolocation, spatialisation and sonification (conversion of data into sound).

We have developed a set of computer tools that enable us to manage a complete sound scenography, to generate geolocalised soundwalks for smartphones, and to create different types of sound spaces that allow sound to be broadcast in real or simulated 3D using headphones, an application that is of particular interest to the field of virtual reality, for example.

2021 – La théorie des ficelles – Etienne Fanteguzzi – Music for a contemporary dance performance.

2020 – Pause – Big Family – Music for the summer show of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

2019 – Chants d’oiseaux – Lagencevoid – Compositions and improvisations. Musical dialogue between organ, electroacoustic music and real birds in relation to works by Olivier Messiaen.

2019 – Le Périple – Ensemble vocal Magellan- Composition for viola, vocal ensemble and electronics.

2018 – Laisse le vent du soir décider – Espèce de collectif – Music for a contemporary dance performance.

2018 – Hacking Garden – Philippe Arlaud – Music for a multimedia show (dance, video mapping, scenography and live music) outdoors.

2018 – GaBuZoMeu, les Shadoks reloaded – Le Shadok – Multimedia show (theatre, illustration and live music) tribute to the Shadoks for their 50th anniversary.

2017 – Entre les mots – Claudine Bohi – Music for contemporary poetry readings.

2017 – Evaporation silencieuse – Nicolas Schneider – Interactive music for installation exploring the relationship between art and landscape on the Salt Route (“la Route du sel”).

2017 – Entre les mots – Ensemble vocal Variations – Composition for vocal ensemble and electronics.

2015 – Broussailles/reflets – Germain Roesz – Music for sound poetry performance and book/CD edition.

2014 – Livescape – Philippe Boisnard – Music for audiovisual performance

2013 – Warriors – Paul Hossfeld – Music for a photographic and dance project in the public space.

2012 – Public Address System – Zahra Poonawala – Music for sound installation in the public space.

2012 – Tutti – Zahra Poonawala – Music for orchestra for an interactive installation, where the movements of the audience lead to musical changes.

2011 – Des gens vivaient ici  – Multimedia show (text, illustrations, music).

2011 – Laughing Hole – Maria La Ribot – Music for contemporary dance performance.

2011 – Ô vaches – Sylvie Villaume – Music for shows.

2011 – Ode Bertrand – Shahla Taheri – Music for a documentary.

2009 – Ailepouventails – Sylvie Villaume – Music for shows.