EC(H)O Bliiida



7+ years old

Duration : 30 – 45 mins

Combining sound compositions and contemporary poetry, this trail invites the listener to explore BLIIIDA, a third place located in the heart of Metz.

In parallel with the international digital arts festival Constellations.

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This sound and poetry trail is composed of 6 texts, created by the poet Alain Helissen and set to music by Gaëtan Gromer. It invites you to discover or rediscover BLIIIDA, a third place located in the heart of Metz. Each of the 6 texts and its music were inspired by the place and the exchanges with the users. They are designed specifically to be heard in a defined area of BLIIIDA. The trail is available on the GOH smartphone app, which uses geolocation technology.

Gaëtan Gromer leads a creative activity at a crossroads between composition, performance and multimedia installation. He uses the astonishing power of suggestion and immersion of sound to deliver a certain view of the world, a particular point of hearing, to ‘tell’ with sound. He is one of the winners of the Imagina Atlantica 2012 European Digital Arts Prize in Angoulême and wrote the music for Samuel Henry’s Juste l’embrasser, which won the SABAM prize at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2008.

Alain Helissen was born in 1954 and lives in Sarrebourg, Moselle. He co-founded the artistic and literary journal, FAIX (1979/1982) before joining the editorial board of the SAPRIPHAGE journal (which was discontinued in 2000). He has collaborated with around fifty journals and published around a dozen works. He is also a columnist for various literary periodicals (Le Mensuel littéraire et poétique (Brussels), La Polygraphe, Pris de Peur, Cahiers CCP (Marseille), Diérèse, La Grappe, Ici & Là, etc.) Since the beginning of 2000, he has directed the Vents Contraires poetry collection at Editions VOIX. He has written songs for the group ‘Village Popol’ with whom he has performed on stage. He regularly participates in Mail Art exhibitions.


Price : free

Location : Bliiida, Metz


Texts : Alain Helissen.

Music : Gaëtan Gromer

In partnership with the third place Bliiida.