EC(H)O Malraux


7+ years old

Duration : 30 – 45 min

© Agence CAPAC

‘We know the bridge, we know the old crane, we know the white liner of glass and brick. But in the water you can only make out the autumn and the pigmented scattering of leaves as they wander. A dream drifts in a sky of water. ”

During the months of November and December 2019, we invited inhabitants, companies and institutions present on the André Malraux Peninsula to participate in a process of artistic meetings and workshops, to try to understand the notion of artistic approach. The participants were invited to shift their gaze to these everyday places and proposed a series of photographs which were then submitted to the poets. The texts resulting from this process, read and set to music, are geolocated at the precise shooting locations and can be listened to thanks to the GOH mobile app.

Project carried out thanks to the involvement of ACCRO, the Shadok, the OKKO hotel, the SERS, the CNFPT-INET, the Malraux media library, the Neudorf Deux-Rives territory management and the AREM residents’ association.


Price : Free

Location : Presqu’île André Malraux, Strasbourg


Poems: Claudine Bohi, Germain Roesz

Music: Gaëtan Gromer

As part of the Tango&Scan program

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The result of a collaborative work between Les Ensembles 2.2, several structures in the André Malraux peninsula and local residents, EC(H)O is a clever blend of sound compositions and contemporary poetry. While they wander, the listener advances towards what is hidden but yet present, a world created and placed there. The music of Gaëtan Gromer as well as the poetry of Claudine Bohi and Germain Roesz offer a different perspective of an everyday place.

It is simply, as Claudine Bohi beautifully wrote in Entre les mots, a matter of ‘widening the narrow’.

Gaëtan Gromer leads a creative activity at a crossroads between composition, performance and multimedia installation. He uses the astonishing power of suggestion and immersion of sound to deliver a certain view of the world, a particular point of hearing, to ‘tell’ with sound. He is one of the winners of the Imagina Atlantica 2012 European Digital Arts Prize in Angoulême and wrote the music for Samuel Henry’s Juste l’embrasser, which won the SABAM prize at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2008.

Claudine Bohi is an assistant lecturer of arts and a psychoanalyst who taught at the Lycée Voltaire (Paris) and divides her time between Paris, Strasbourg and Narbonne. Her poetic work, according to Claude Ber, questions the transition between flesh and word, anxiety and questioning. She appears in the anthologies L’érotisme dans la poésie féminine, by Pierre Béarn (Pauvert, 1993) and L’anthologie de la poésie érotique, by Pierre Perret (Nil, 1995), as well as in several others.

Claudine Bohi received the Prix Paul-Verlaine in 1998 for the collection Atalante, ta course (Éditions La Bartavelle) 1, and the Prix Mallarmé 2019 for Naître, c’est longtemps (Éditions La Tête à l’envers, 2018).

Germain Rœsz is a painter and poet born in Colmar in 1949, who lives and works in Paris and Strasbourg. He carries out work in visual arts, poetry and theoretical research. Nourished by his research and his poetic quest, his painting traces a territory between rigour and chaos, between the history of painting and the contemporary approach. He tries, in a spirit of coherence, to grasp – in painting and in poetry – a space which is its own matrix, which opens the world. In the strictly poetic field, he has been performing poetry since 1994: poetry/action readings with contemporary musicians (Pierre Seidler, Christophe Rieger, Gaëtan Gromer), with L’épongistes (Robic/Rœsz) or solo.

Supported by the Grand-Est Region as part of the Digital Creation call for expressions of interest.