The project in brief :

JAFTA is a hybrid scenic proposition at the crossroads between an installation and a concert, which invites people on an imaginary, immersive and singular journey. Traversing acoustics and electronics, JAFTA consists of a duo of augmented instruments, Antoine Spindler (viola) and Christophe Fourmaux (saxophones) accompanied by a real-time audio-reactive video. The amplified and modified sounds, born from the instrumental gesture, inflect the forms, colours and perspectives of the video, which is itself one with the installation. The sound waves generated by the musicians are analysed in real time and the evolution of parameters such as the dynamics or frequencies of the sound will influence the projected video, directly inspired by the rotoscoping technique. The sound and the visual are intimately linked and intertwined here, modifying each other according to the artists’ desires. It is this interaction that takes place in the moment that makes JAFTA unique, making it part of a perpetual evolution. Thanks to mapping techniques, the projection creates a singular scenography that follows the geometry of the place, highlights its asperities and underlines its architectural particularities. JAFTA comes in 3 forms, all the better to adapt to the different possibilities provided by the performance space:

. A form for planetariums 

. A hybrid ‘pit’ form

. A frontal mapping form

The ensemble is driven by a strong desire to focus its aesthetics on musical experimentation through improvisation, the search for new forms, ‘non-fixed’ writing and sound research. Today, the current form of JAFTA extends this experience and develops a reflection on the concept of a local performance show by setting up, during a concert, an original project accessible to all


Artistic direction: Antoine Spindler & Christophe Fourmaux 

Production: Les Ensembles 2.2