Centre ville, Strasbourg


Chasseurs de sons


A fun trail, in the form of a sound treasure hunt and riddles, to discover the city’s auditory treasures.

7+ years old


Artistic Direction : Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler

Scenario : Pierre-Guy Auger

Music : Olivier Touratier, Ludwig van Beethoven

Recording : Marin Lambert

Voice : Marie Amadio

Production : Les Ensembles 2.2

Centre-ville, Strasbourg


PAUSE Beethoven


Created on the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, this trail highlights well-known and lesser-known places in Strasbourg where it is pleasant to linger and take a break. 


For each of the locations, a work by Beethoven that is particularly suited to the spot can be listened to. A discovery of the Beethoven of slow movements, of chamber music, the Beethoven of the intimate

Artistic directors: Gaëtan Gromer et Antoine Spindler
Music : Ludwig van Beethoven

As part of the show “PAUSE”

Commissioned by the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg





A crackling sound, similar to that of a Geiger counter, accompanies the stroll through the city. It leads us to the Halles du Scilt, where it then stops, replaced by compositions by the artist.

Artistic director: Gaëtan Gromer

As part of the exhibition “Signals: sound and data”.

With the support of Halles du Scilt and the City of Schiltigheim

Cathédrale de Strasbourg


Clair de lune

Unusual and poetic light and sound show in Strasbourg Cathedral after the last performance of the 2020 Summer Show.

New sound creations by Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler and Olivier Touratier, in perfect synchronisation with the lights, accompany visitors on a visual and sound contemplation of the cathedral.

Music : Ludwig van Beethoven, Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler, Olivier Touratier

 : Daniel Knipper

As part of the monumental show “PAUSE

Commissioned by the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

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