Composite relational sculpture from which vibrated sounds emanate. ORGAN is an audio-tactile installation that invites the public to place themselves ‘in’, to snuggle ‘against’, to embrace, to move objects from which vibrating music emanates. Sometimes active, sometimes passive, the spectator places themselves between, on and under the objects and becomes part of this sensitive matter.

The project in brief:

ORGAN is a composite organic relief from which vibrating sounds emanate. ‘The closer I get to it, the more I’m part of this landscape. Or is it more of a part of me?’

ORGAN is an invitation to a playful, contemplative or even meditative journey. Far from supersonic speeds and internet flows, ORGAN is a work of slowness, of the tiny and the close.

This interactive sculpture brings into play not only the sight and hearing of the spectators, but also their touch through physical interaction. The skin is the main transmission interface, the membrane through which this disconcerting experience of sound and vibration passes for those who take the time to try it. It is an intimate and gentle experience made up of recesses and reliefs.

Hidden inside each object, a discrete audio-vibrating technical device diffuses sounds and vibrations through a network of speakers and vibrating motors. Each object has a sound and vibro-tactile identity, each one has its voice, its moods, its personality and together they create a spatialised polyphony both sound and tactile.

This project is a continuation of the research on audio-tactile works conducted by the artist Lynn Pook since 2003.


Design and construction: Lynn Pook

Composition and musical engineering: Valentin Durif

All-round felt maker: Stéphanie Cailleau

Electronic engineering: Étude Nolibos

Production: Paradox[A]

Other partners: Maison de la Tour, 8 fablab, Entreprise Jlc-Sellerie.

Supported by the SCAN Fund (Auvergne-Rhones-Alpes Region), Dicream CNC

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