Ouwa - fiction sonore géolocalisée

Picture: ©Matëo Granger



Age: 12 +

Duration 45min/1h


Espace Multimédia Gantner


Etang des Forges (forges pond)

“Les plantes chantent les affects – aux premiers rangs desquels la tendresse et l’attachement – et les émotions – parmi lesquelles on notera, en territoire d’Ouwa, une prédominance de la joie et de la mélancolie.” 

Ouwa is a geolocated soundwalk around the Forges pond, offering an immersive experience that makes living things audible.

During this fictional journey, you are projected into the distant future, where the Forges pond is now part of Ouwa territory. Author luvan invites you to an encounter with the world of plants. A utopia where strange sensory mutations enable a few individuals, known as “flora singers”, to hear, see and smell plants. 

Immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries between humans and plants become blurred. Follow this poetic trail, let yourself be guided and explore a world where nature speaks in mysterious languages. 

Welcome to Ouwa territory, where every step is an encounter with the unexpected.

Inspired by the therolinguistics of American science fiction author Ursula Le Guin, the Ouwa soundwalk offers an immersion in a “What if we could hear the rest of the world”.

A project in development with the help of the Espace multimédia Gantner.

Soundwalk available in 2024 on the dedicated application – GOH

Know more

luvan is an author. Her work focuses on the creation of complex imaginary places, both utopian and dystopian, enabling her to comment on and anticipate current events. For her, fiction is a tool for social and political reflection. Passionate about sound and traditional oral materials, she also writes plays, performs and creates radio programs. She is an active member of the Zanzibar science fiction writers’ collective, alongside Sabrina Calvo, Alain Damasio, Catherine Dufour and Léo Henry, among others. Trained as a historian, luvan (real name Marie-Aude Matignon) lived in Africa, the Pacific, France, China, Scandinavia and Belgium before settling in Germany.

Gaëtan Gromer, born in 1978, is a sound composer, artist and director who lives and works in Strasbourg. He is the artistic director of Les Ensembles 2.2. He regularly brings his work into conversation with other disciplines, and has notably worked with Maria La Ribot, Valérie Manteau, Hélène Gaudy, Etienne Fanteguzzi, Sebastian Dicenaire, Eve Risser, Lucie Taïeb, Clara Olivares, LNLO, Samuel et Léo Henry, luvan, Zahra Poonawala, Stéphane Perger, Espèce de collectif…

He regularly performs and exhibits in Strasbourg (Musica, Ososphère, ONR, TNS, PMC, Maillon, Pôle Sud, etc.), as well as at MAMCO (Geneva), CAC (Vilnius), CCAM (Vandoeuvre), Gymnase (Roubaix), Laboral (Gijon), Transient (Paris), Accès)s( (Pau), Lieu Multiple (Poitiers), Contemporary Art Biennale (Sélestat), Nuit Blanche (Brussels), Digital Life (Rome), Electric Nights (Athens)… 

Antoine Spindler – Trained at the Strasbourg Conservatory in the classes of Ana Haas (violin) and Claude Ducroq (viola), as well as at the University of Strasbourg in musicology, Antoine Spindler has trained (Ircam, Fastlane, PML…) and specialized in electroacoustic and mixed music. He teaches in the Electroacoustic Creation and Interpretation class at the Conservatoire and L’Académie Supérieure de Musique-Hear in Strasbourg. He currently plays with the trio Jafta, with whom he released the album Traces, and with the duo Svië, with whom he created the album Port Data. His experiences have enabled him to collaborate with various ensembles and musicians (Linéa, Live Animated Orchestra, the Ethos quartet, Plurium, Clara Olivares, Eve Risser etc.) as well as with different authors (Hélène Gaudy, Jean Fauque, Valérie Manteau, Sébastien Dicenaire, Lucie Taïeb etc.).

The City of Strasbourg Ville de Strasbourg, Région Grand Est, ERDF, Collectivité européenne d’Alsace and DRAC Grand-Est.


Text: luvan

Production: Gaëtan Gromer

Music: Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler

Voices: Sébastien Bizzotto, Florine Chevrolet, Regis Kante, Pauline Leurent

Sound recordings, mix: Antoine Spindler 

Application : GOH

Executive producer: Les Ensembles 2.2

Partner: Espace multimédia Gantner