The project in brief:

A contemporary reinterpretation of the war memorial, Lorette is a set of sculptures including eleven authentic shell casings from the First World War set in resonance by a system of firing pins. Throughout the exhibition, from 4 October to 23 December 2018, the installation played 18.6 million notes, one for each death in the conflict. Through this process of data sonification, Lorette gives body to mortality data, repeated so many times as to become abstract; so enormous that they exceed our faculties of immediate representations. As a tribute to those who lost their lives, the stele highlights their words through the lyrics of the famous Chanson de Lorette, written and sung by the “poilus” (French World War soldier) since 1915.


Artistic direction: Gaëtan Gromer

Technical direction: Benoit Jester

Historical advice: Raphaël Georges

Production: Les Ensembles 2.2

Special thanks to : Marc Schmitt

Lorette has obtained the official label of the Mission du Centenaire