Sans faire de vagues …

Sharks are massively affected by the lucrative finning trade. Since the 10th century, a number of miraculous virtues have been attributed to them. However, it has been widely demonstrated that this is a myth and that, on the contrary, they are bioaccumulators and therefore carriers of high concentrations of heavy metals. Ironically, they have no taste.

The work consists of three life-size shark sculptures (white, hammerhead and thresher) with their fins removed. Every time it makes a sound, somewhere in the world, a shark is thrown back into the sea, mutilated, doomed to several days of agony. The finning trade is so huge that the overall shark population has declined by more than 90% in exploited areas. The disappearance of the largest predator in our oceans would, however, cause major imbalances in the marine ecosystems that provide most of our oxygen. 

Gaëtan Gromer, in an artistic approach that questions the use we make of figures today, brings us face to face with an unknown reality. Using the astonishing power of suggestion of sound, coupled here with a visual representation that leaves no room for misinterpretation, the artist questions this very strange fish market.

NB: This work is part of the cycle Demain c’est loin, it can be exhibited with the four other creations: Printemps Silencieux, Scintillements, Unedo, Enapolis

With the support of our sponsor, DQE Software.

DQE Software – a software company specialising in the optimisation of customer data quality – and the artist, Gaëtan Gromer, use data in their work and believe in a smarter use of technology to improve our methods, increase our efficiency and limit our footprint on this world.


Art direction, design: Gaëtan Gromer

Manufacturing: Gaëtan Gromer, Nicolas Schneider, Léo Heitz

Electronics: Benoît Jester

Production: Les Ensembles 2.2 Les Ensembles 2.2

Property of DQE Software

Exhibited for the first time at Industrie Magnifique 2021

Permanent exhibition at the Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature in Levallois (92)