For a fraction of a second, you feel as if you are in a souk in Marrakech, a seaside resort in California, a city under alert in Japan or an amusement park in France. Triggered by our movement, a stream of words and sounds travels to us, attracting attention, calling us to prayer, arousing desire or evoking danger.

The project in brief:

Public Address System is a sound installation, placed in the public space, that broadcasts a recorded sound that has been emitted through a speaker of the same type elsewhere in the world. The sequences are triggered randomly when a person passes in front of it. You can hear recorded sounds, among others, in Paris, Tokyo, Isfahan, Montreal, Moscow, Kathmandu, Pokhara (Nepal), Geneva, Strasbourg, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Angoulême (France), Minoto (Japan), San Diego, Prague, Vienna, Bangalore (India), Rome, Shanghai, Wattwiller (France), Manama (Bahrain) and sounds from imaginary cities, such as Yirminadingrad for example. This collection creates a real poetic and musical universe composed of quotations encountered along their journeys and plays with the sound poetry of the various places.

> The work was awarded the 3rd European Digital Art Prize Imagina Atlantica in Angouleme.


Artistic director : Zahra Poonawala

Production : Les Ensembles 2.2