Yells-Atreuma is a speculative prefiguration of man’s remediation of his environment, enabled by the physarum polycephalum (commonly called blob) as a medium of communication and connection.

The project in brief:

Yells-Atreuma is a set of sculptures combining a software entity (neural network), a biological entity (physarum) and a synthetic entity (3D prints). Each module represents a vital organ (heart, lung, kidney, spleen, etc.) brought into contact with a living organism, the physarum polycephalum, which will colonise its host. The very title of the work: ‘Yells-Atreuma’ is derived from a textual generative program. It is one of many poetic and lexical possibilities produced by a neural network whose essential ‘feeds’ consist of two distinct lists. One lists all known pathologies in the world, the other lists several mythological, sacred and occult figures. From these specific and intertwined lexicons, a new form of language is produced, activated, shaped by the physarum and its movements on the organs. The latter then produces a meta-language, stammering and, paradoxically, sometimes complex, evocative, opening onto hybrid imaginaries. Yells-Atreuma is part of the ‘Mycore’ cycle, which proposes a remediation of the human being via a transformation by the fungi kingdom.


Artistic direction: Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian

Electronic engineering: Jean-Paul Petillon

Production: Oudeis

With the support of Ensembles 2p2, the Rua Red art centre (Dublin), Espace Gantner (Bourogne), the Shadok (Strasbourg).