Photo: ©Naohiro Ninomiya


Price : Free


Festival Musica


Parc des Oiseaux


10+ years old

Duration: 45/60 min

In the near future, Oniropolis, a new kind of social network, is a craze among teenagers. It allows you to record, geolocate and share your dreams. Thanks to its famous dream map, it also allows you to glean the dreams of other users. 

But for a few hours, the application has been down. A bug seems to have been triggered in the program, somewhere in France, probably in Schiltigheim. The company decides to send someone into Oniropolis to determine the source of the failure and clean up the system. That person is you.

Oniropolis is an open-air audio story, created and produced by Les Ensembles 2.2. It is a story to be listened to in the streets of Schiltigheim that transports you to an imaginary world through a science fiction narrative.

The author, Sebastian Dicenaire, lives and works in Brussels, but was born in Schiltigheim. With the Strasbourg-based composer duo Svië, he returns to his home town to create an audio story that explores the world of dreams and social networks. 

Take your phone, download GOH, put on your headphones and start wandering. The buried secrets of the Oniropolis application await you in Schiltigheim…

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Oniropolis is the fruit of a creative process familiar to the three artists: immersion in the territory, then the use of the material collected – sounds, stories, testimonies of the inhabitants – as inspiration for the writing and composition. 

For Schiltigheim, this content was enriched by the participation of pupils from eight classes in the town’s schools, who shared their view of their living environment through anecdotes and stories, real or imaginary. Some students even had the opportunity to create a ‘detour’: a small exclusive soundwalk, the result of the educational work carried out with them.

All this material served as a starting point for the artists to create an intriguing literary and sound universe that was immersed in the place. The result is accessible on the GOH mobile application, which uses geolocation to offer you an immersive experience that evolves throughout your walk.

Sebastian Dicenaire was born in Alsace, and now works in Brussels. Writer, poet, author of radio fiction and podcasts, he uses language both in writing and through sound and video. He has published works of poetry (Döner-kebab, ed. Héros-Limite; Personnologue, ed. Clou dans le fer; Dernières Nouvelles de l’Avenir, ed. Atelier de l’agneau… ). In his performances, he tries to push the limits of the spectator’s imagination by encouraging them to create their own ‘mental cinema’, mixing text and sound. His radio fiction blends many genres – poetry and science fiction, mythology and technology – and has won awards at several festivals. 

Svië is a duo made up of Gaëtan Gromer and Antoine Spindler, sound artists and composers of electro-acoustic music.

Gaëtan Gromer leads a creative activity at a crossroads between composition, performance and multimedia installation. He uses the astonishing power of suggestion and immersion of sound to deliver a certain view of the world, a particular point of hearing, to ‘tell’ with sound. He is one of the winners of the Imagina Atlantica 2012 European Digital Arts Prize in Angoulême and wrote the music for Samuel Henry’s Juste l’embrasser, which won the SABAM prize at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2008.

Antoine Spindler is a violist and teacher at the Haute école des Arts du Rhin. A member of the Ethos Quartet and the Plurium Ensemble, he has also played with the Linéa Ensemble and the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed on several stages, including the Festival Musica in Strasbourg, the Tonhalle in Zurich and the Asian-Pacific Contemporary Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea. He specialises in electroacoustic and mixed music, notably with the Live.Animated.Orchestra or as a member of the Jafta trio.

Region Grand-Est and DRAC Grand-Est


Artistic director: Gaëtan Gromer

Text: Sebastian Dicenaire

Music: Svië (Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler)

Sound recording: Svië

Visual: Naohiro Ninomiya

Voices: Pauline Leurent, Milan Morotti

Pedagogical contributors: Arthur Gander, Hugo Siclier, Sylvain Debrock

Derush interviews and workshops: Valentin Hetzel

Production: Les Ensembles 2.2

Co-production: Festival Musica

Acknowledgements: Sylvie Zorn, the students and teachers of the different schools for their involvement in the project.