Price : Free

Organizer :


Location : Thionville, Moselle


Start : Thionville city center


10+ years old

Duration: 60 – 90 min

In the distant future, human and non-human animals share the land. They communicate. You move differently. You have a different sense of space.

Equipped with new senses and affects, you explore the transformed space that Thionville will become. The stories that emerge are sometimes peaceful and beautiful, and sometimes terrible. Khôra offers a narrative, polyphonic and poetic experience of weird fiction, which is naturalistic. With several vocal and musical layers, the material is different depending on when you embark on it. Khôra means ‘territory’ in Greek. For Plato, the Khôra is space in the making, unstable and moving. It lies between being and non-being. A formless substance containing all possibilities.

As part of the ‘hIAtus’ (Human Intelligence Artificial Earth Utopia Science) exhibition organised by the Puzzle in Thionville. Created for Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, Khôra is the pilot episode of the digital audio literary saga In the field, the other episodes of which will be available from February 2022.

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Luvan is an author. Her work focuses on the development of complex imaginary places, both utopian and dystopian, allowing her to comment on and anticipate current events. For her, fiction is a tool for social and political reflection. Passionate about sound and traditional oral materials, she also writes plays, performs and makes radio productions. She is an active member of the science fiction writers’ collective Zanzibar alongside, among others, Sabrina Calvo, Alain Damasio, Catherine Dufour and Léo Henry. A historian by training, luvan (real name Marie-Aude Matignon) lived in Africa, the Pacific, France, China, Scandinavia and Belgium before moving to Germany.

Gaëtan Gromer leads a creative activity at a crossroads between composition, performance and multimedia installation. He uses the astonishing power of suggestion and immersion of sound to deliver a certain view of the world, a particular point of hearing, to ‘tell’ with sound. He is one of the winners of the Imagina Atlantica 2012 European Digital Arts Prize in Angoulême and wrote the music for Samuel Henry’s Juste l’embrasser, which won the SABAM prize at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2008.

Antoine Spindler is a violist and teacher at the Haute école des Arts du Rhin. A member of the Ethos Quartet and the Plurium Ensemble, he has also played with the Linéa Ensemble and the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed on several stages, including the Festival Musica in Strasbourg, the Tonhalle in Zurich and the Asian-Pacific Contemporary Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea. He specialises in electroacoustic and mixed music, notably with the Live.Animated.Orchestra or as a member of the Jafta trio.

With the support of : La Drac Grand Est, La Région Grand Est, le Puzzle (Thionville) and Esch 2022, European Capital of Culture.


Texts : luvan

Music : Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler

Illustration : Valérie Etterlen

Voices: Florine Chevrolet, Pauline Leurent, Jack Reinhardt & Régis Kante

Voice studio: Innervision (Sound recording: Gwénaël Graff; monitoring: Julien Wagner)

Production: Doriane Thiéry (Les Ensembles 2.2, Strasbourg)

Artistic director: Gaëtan Gromer (Les Ensembles 2.2, Strasbourg)