Writing workshops and creation of a geolocated podcast episode


Meet us :

At the 5e Lieu, 5 pl. du Château from Jan. 10 to April 24:

  • Every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm

At the Médiathèque de l’Elsau, 10 rue Watteau :

  • Feb. 14 – 10am-12pm
  • Mar. 16 – 10am-12pm
  • May 22 – 10am-12pm

Have you ever tried to imagine the number of stories, anecdotes, moments and destinies that have crossed paths in Strasbourg? Have you ever noticed the number of signs and messages displayed in public spaces?

The city is an infinite, choral book, written in invisible ink. It is full of untold stories and intertwined destinies.

We invite you to take part in the collective creation of a huge geolocated podcast, in which you will compose and/or share a subjective interpretation of a fragment of the city, an anecdote, a memory, an experience in relation to a particular place in Strasbourg…

This exciting project will be developed with your help throughout the year – Strasbourg, World Book Capital.

If you’de like to be part of this project, meet us !

Whether you’re an expert artist or not, you’re welcome! Ville De Sable is open to everyone, even with no specific ideas or particular artistic skills. We’ll guide you through every stage of the creation of your contribution to this unique and collective sound project.

(We’ll be adding other workshops to this schedule).

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