A tree appears to be covered in concrete. A deep, gravelly sound is emitted every time the world’s forests permanently lose, due to massive deforestation and the relentless artificialisation of the world, the equivalent of the total area of the city block* you are currently in. This process makes it possible to give substance to this staggering statistic: currently, one hectare of forest disappears from the surface of the globe every 1.11 seconds. 

But from this sinister tree springs a small branch from a small living shrub: a strawberry tree (arbutus unedo). A pyrophilous plant, the dormancy of the seeds of the arbutus is lifted by contact with fire, allowing it to conquer areas devastated by fire.

NB: This work is part of the cycle Demain c’est loin, it can be exhibited with the four other creations: Printemps Silencieux, Scintillements, Sans faire de Vagues…, Enapolis


Credits :

Artistic director, conception : Gaëtan Gromer

Manufacturing : Gaëtan Gromer, Nicolas Schneider

Electronics : Benoît Jester

Production : Les Ensembles 2.2

Many thanks to Claude Peter

With support from the city of Sélestat

Photos : ©Gaëtan Gromer


Exposed for the first time parc des remparts de Sélestat – 2021.

Exposed for the 2022 edition of the Ososphère festival.